The Artist

It’s always a challenge to write an “artist’s statement”. Describing your own vocation can be fraught with so much imaginary baggage. And this challenge is perhaps only magnified for an artist, because so many of us have a template of what an artist is imprinted on our minds. 

As an artist I am defined by my work - not by my attitudes, appetites, or assumptions.
The work is everything! 

But we’re all curious about the people who make the work. So for that reason I give you some information about myself:

     I am married to a beautiful and gifted woman     

     I live with the Pacific Ocean as my front yard

     I read with the appetite of a starving man

     I am a veteran who served in the U.S. Navy from 1965-1968

     I am at home in the water and have surfed ever since I was twelve years old

     I work out and read devotional tracts every day

     I savor food, preparing food, and drinking wine and spirits

     I enjoy traveling, collecting firearms, hiking, and playing with our two dachshunds

     I crave silence

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